Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Insanity Racing battling to be ready for Pikes Peak

The Insanity Racing team are facing a last minute rush as they aim to start their BCC Trophy season at Pikes Peak in less than two weeks time.

The team have been extremely busy over the winter with their job list including replacing the automatic gearbox with a manual, moving the engine further back in the chassis, replacing the transfer box with a Rakeway single ratio box and creating a new gearbox cross-member to support the gearbox.

They've also totally stripped out and replaced the interior floor and tunnel inside the cabin to make room for new seats. The changes also meant altering the configuration of the propshafts and a total redesign and construction of the exhaust system. As if they hadn't done enough already the team also rewired the entire car!

"We've certainly been very busy since the end of last season," said driver Jon Damrel. "Fortunately the big jobs are complete and we finally got to run the engine for the first time a couple of days ago which was a major milestone. We've still got a lot of smaller jobs to do but hopefully we'll be ready for Pikes Peak."

Damrel and co-driver Nic Blundell finished second in the Trophy championship last season and they'll again be up against the likes of Nick Pritchard and Steve Anning as well as some new crews for 2017.

The championship will start on 8/9th April at Pikes Peak in Mid-Wales. For more information please visit