Freelander Challenge

The Freelander Challenge runs alongside the BCCC and it is designed to be an affordable way to start offroad racing. It was devised by Selwyn Kendrick and Chris Ratter and it first ran in 2011.

The Challenge is a production class, this means that the cars are pretty much standard with only the only major modifications allowed relating to safety, such as the fitting of a roll cage and competition seats. A Freelander Challenge crew could use their car to go shopping on Friday and be racing it in the forests of Wales at the weekend!

The banning of performance modifications means than the Challenge offers a level playing field where the skill of the driver and navigator make the most difference to the results.

The Freelander Challenge events are the same length as those in the BCCC and the same route is used. Some of the best offroad racing courses in the UK make up the championship and you'll be competing on some of the same tracks used in the World Rally Championship! Typically you will do twice as many miles on a Freelander Challenge round as you would on a rally and you'll be paying a much reduced entry fee too.

To enter, as well as a suitable Freelander, you will need a National B or higher competition licence. Your navigator only needs to be a member of a valid club, they don't need a competition licence. Championship regulations and contact details to ask any questions are available on Alternatively come along to one of the events, the organisers and crews are very friendly!