Friday, 12 April 2013

Britpart MSA BCCC 2013

The message below was emailed to all those who have registered for the 2013 championship earlier today. All registered crews were contacted by Lilian and they have agreed to a five round championship.

"It is with regret that the Marches 4x4 Directors Selwyn Kendrick & Philip Turley have had to come to this decision, due to a lack of sufficient entries to run a 6 Round Championship, 2013 will now
be a 5 Round Championship with best 4 scores to count.

We wish to thank all the Competitors who have registered and thank you for your support of pledging the £1500.00 entry fee for 5 rounds instead of 6, we are aware Lilian has spoken to you all personally re this matter and she is going to do her best to get sufficient funds to try and get you all a refund of upto £250.00.


Selwyn Kendrick & Philip Turley
Directors Marches 4x4 MSM Ltd"