Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Howard to take on Trophy class in 2017

After finishing second in his debut season in the Freelander Challenge, Alex Howard has announced plans to compete in the BCC Trophy in 2017.

Howard will still use his Freelander but it will have several modifications from last year, including turbocharging the engine.

"We're planning on entering the F20 class of the Trophy", said Howard. "We're fitting a turbo to our little 1.8 K-series and it should give us over 200 bhp. We're upgrading the brakes to discs all around, we'll have short-stacked 3rd, 4th and 5th standard Rover gear ratios and a limited slip differential in the back. We're also overhauling the suspension."

"As well as the Trophy we're aiming to compete in some stage rallies through the year although that will be dependent on time and budget - the faster we go the more breakages we may have, hopefully the car won't spend the majority of it's time on the ramp!"

"All in all I'm really excited about the upgrades and I'm looking forward to seeing how far this little Freelander can go! Many thanks to our sponsors LRS Engineering, Gaz Shocks and The Rover Centre."

To see pictures and video from the 2016 season please visit www.thehowardsfreelander.co.uk.