Friday, 3 February 2017

Bumpy to debut new slippers and pipe locker in BCCC

Double-champion Bumpy Mike Moran will contest the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship this season and he's got some exciting new modifications on his car. 

After his two title wins, which made him the second most famous Warringtonian after Kerry Katona, Moran took some time out last year while his new Lofthouse Evo was built. He debuted the car at round four of the BCCC and also competed in the final round, as well as racing at Rallye Des Cimes in France. With over two months to go until the season starts the Evo 9-engined machine is already prepared for round one.

"As with most old people we like to get prepared in plenty of time, we are ready to race!" said Moran. "We have changed a few ratios in the gearbox and done some minor modifications to ease maintenance."

"We've also tweaked the car's interior, we now have a little locker for our slippers and my navigator Tony can keep his pipe in there also so we'll really feel at home. With our failing eyesight we hope that our new bi-focal windscreen will help us see the course a bit better too."

"We must quantify the word 'we' - it includes our carers at Lofthouse Motorsport."