Monday, 3 April 2017

From barn to BCCC!

Lee Mansfield will return to the BCCC for the first time in ten years when he races a Milner R5 with David Roberts co-driving.

Three weeks ago the car was sat in a barn where it had been for 19 months. Since then their Xylo Racing team have had a hectic time preparing the car for competition.

"We bought the car three years ago and the intention was to race it straight away," said Mansfield. "We only managed to compete a couple of times in our local club event and then setting up a new business and renovating houses got in the way so the car was parked in my father's barn gathering dust."

"We decided three weeks ago to get the car out of the barn and get it ready for the BCCC. I raced in the championship a few years ago and I'm really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel and seeing what we can achieve. With being flat out with the preparation I've not had any time to drive the car so the first run at Pikes Peak will be the first time I've driven properly for a while."

"The car has a 5.2 litre Rover V8 which has been built by John Eales at JE Developments. It produces around 365bhp and 390 lb-ft of torque so it should push along nicely. We're just about ready for round one, all that remains it to get some graphics on it to complete the transformation from barn to BCCC!"