Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Moran to debut new car for 2016 season

2014 and 2015 Britpart MSA BCCC champion Mike Moran will be debuting a new Lofthouse Motorsport-built car this season having sold his title-winning  AT 4x4 Indy Challenger.
The new car will use the same basic spaceframe as the Lofthouse Freelander which won the BCCC in 2013 in the hands of Dan Lofthouse. However, the frame will be substantially lighter.
Continuing the weight saving theme, the large capacity engine usually used in "prototype" offroaders has been replaced with a 450bhp Mitsubishi Evo 9 unit built by AMS, driving through a Drenth gearbox, Milner reverse transfer box and Nissan Skyline differentials.
"We are going against the grain by using a 2.0 litre engine in a lighter-framed car," said Moran. "We should get much better braking performance and a faster corner exit speed though."
"The bodywork will be different from the Lofthouse Freelander, it'll be more in the style of an American Trophy truck with an open pick-up style rear. Again, this is to keep the weight down. All cooling elements will be supplied by Allisport and cab seats and belts by Motordrive."
"The UK offroad scene is rapidly changing with more European-spec cars and UTV buggies coming into the sport. The new car is designed to let us try and compete with these machines."
The car is expected to debut at round 2 of the championship in May.